Used Equipment Sales FAQ

Who is eligible for this benefit?

W-2 employees are eligible to participate. You must provide your employee ID during checkout.

Is there a limit to the amount of equipment I can purchase?

Not at this time.

Can friends and family participate?

Eligible employees can purchase for friends and family, as long as the purchases stay within the allowed limits. Friends and family cannot directly purchase these computers.

Can I buy the computer I’m currently using?

Please submit a request to purchase your retiring computer at Approval will be subject to review by your department.

What equipment will be available to purchase?

Desktops, notebook computers and monitors will be available. Other items may be added in the future if sufficient quantities become available.

How do I pick up my equipment?

When you place your order, you have the option to pay to have the equipment shipped to you, or if you are local, you can select to pick up the equipment in Lindon, Utah.

Where will I pick up my equipment?

The pickup point for your equipment is TAMS, 1126 West 700 North, Suite A, Lindon UT 84042 Telephone: 801-796-1696 Open Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm.

What accessories come with a desktop computer?

If available at the time of purchase, a keyboard and/or mouse can be included. Note: We cannot hold orders until accessories become available.

What accessories come with a notebook computer?

A power supply will come with all notebooks. You may be able to add more options if they are available e.g. docking station etc.

What operating system comes with the computer?

Due to security regulations, the computer hard drive will be completely erased. Once erased, the system will be re-loaded with the operating system with Windows 10. A restore disk or partition will be included in the event that you need to reload the operating system.

Is there a warranty available for the equipment?

Yes. Our service provider will offer a 30-day service replacement or refund guarantee. If you purchase a system and get it home and it does not work, you can return it and a different, comparable system or full refund will be provided. No effort will be provided to try and repair a broken system. Efforts are made to ensure only working systems will be sold.

How do I request a 30-day service replacement?

Please contact our vendor, TAMS, at 801-796-1696

Can I pay cash or check?

Our vendor cannot accept cash or check payments. You can pay online at the time of purchase with all major credit cards.

Will you ship the hardware to me if I live outside Utah?

Yes, equipment can be shipped to all states. No equipment can be shipped outside the United States.

What if I need technical support?

No technical support can be provided for these systems. You will need to obtain support for this equipment as you would for any personally-owned computer in your home. Please do not call the Global Service Desk for any questions related to this equipment.

Questions about my order

You may call TAMS customer service at 801-796-1696

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